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The Coffee Fella is a place where my inspirations and interests blend together. My blog covers a variety of topics with emphasis on travel and lifestyle.





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#SitdownSunday | Austin

Tell a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do?

I am a photographer, NPR addict and coffee lover (I love coffee more than 95% of other things). In August, I will be starting my master’s at Northern Arizona University in communication with an emphasis in documentary studies (Forbes ranks communication as the worst degree to get, so naturally I’m getting a second one). I just moved back to Arizona after living in Tampa for four years, but as an army brat, I’m never sure to say where I’m originally from. I guess I hail from Phoenix, Arizona by way of Washington D.C., Washington state, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Talk about your first experience drinking coffee. Did you like/hate it the first time you tried it?

My family drinks tea—always has, always will. I was born and bred to despise coffee. I thought I would continue the family legacy, but a friend gave me a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee that was really sugar with a side of coffee. At first I liked the sugar, but I worked myself up to loving coffee frappuccinos at Starbucks, then to caramel macchiatos. Finally, I tried a pour over from a local roaster (a beautiful natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Buddy Brew) and my life was changed for the better.

Who is your favorite roaster? Which Roast?

Yikes, this is a loaded question. I’ve consistently gotten some fantastic bags from Novel Coffee. A natural Ethiopian Kilenso sticks out to me. I once picked up a wonderful washed Ethipoian from Phil & Sebastian. Lately, I’ve been loving a natural Brazil from Peixoto. They’re a local roaster based here in Phoenix and this coffee comes from Peixoto’s privately owned farm in Brazil.

Favorite food/sweets to pair with your coffee?

I once had the best donut of my life at Boxcar Social in Toronto. So yeah, give me a donut with my coffee, give me life.

What would your advice be to someone who doesn’t drink coffee currently who should?

The advice I would have given myself ten years ago is: the junk they sell at Dunkin’ isn’t real coffee. Like, go to a local shop, talk to the barista, see what they like, and give it a try.

Favorite Drink

This is also a loaded question—sometimes I’m feeling a shot of espresso, other times a good cappuccino, and sometimes a pour over. If I’m feeling cheeky, I love a good espresso tonic. Basically if you give me good coffee in any form, I will be a happy person.


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July 2, 2017

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