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Saturday Stroll featuring The Aussie Grind

The Aussie Grind

Providing the tastes and aesthetic of the land down under, at The Aussie Grind, you get an Australian experience with each sip of their flat white. Located in Frisco, Texas, The Aussie Grind combines terrific brunch with exceptional coffee.

The Aussie Grind

The Ambiance

Inside, rustic wood tables and white tile provide a feeling of the Australian countryside which is complemented by the La Marzocco espresso machine that bears their signature koala logo. In addition to the rustic wood tables, the cups and plates also fit the theme. This combines for a very homey atmosphere that makes you want to stay all day and drink coffee.

The Coffee

One of the best milk based coffee drinks in my opinion, if it is made right, is a flat white. The taste and texture put together satisfy coffee taste buds in the best way possible. If you decide to have the drink in house, you will receive it served in very beautiful mug and saucer that give you a true cafe feeling.

Flat White

The Food

When I originally decided to go to this shop, it was just for coffee. The delicious aroma that spreads throughout, however, made it hard to turn down the food, thus, I had to order something. I decided to go with an omelette that was the perfect accessory to my flat white. Everything tasted fresh and left me wanting to back for breakfast the next day.

Omelette and Tea

The Intangibles

I would say that there are two intangibles that can encompass what makes The Aussie Grind unique.

First, the people inside are incredibly warm and welcoming. The staff and especially the owner came to our table, made the entire experience genuine and welcoming. Whenever you can gain perspective into the spirit that keeps a coffee shop going, it is something worth remembering.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you go to a coffee shop that also offers food. Sometimes, a shop will succeed in one aspect but lack in the other. I didn’t feel that was the case here as the food was just as amazing as the coffee.

The second aspect that exemplifies why visiting The Aussie Grind provides an unforgettable experience is their drinks. Even though coffee is a significant attraction, the food is also noteworthy. Having an Australian experience at a coffee shop is something special, but the food ultimately creates the atmosphere. I would truly recommend anyone to go to this lovely coffee shop. For myself, there will definitely be Aussie Grind Flat Whites in my future.

The Aussie Grind
The Aussie Grind

Thank you for reading!



August 3, 2019

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