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Saturday Stroll featuring Pax & Beneficia

When deciding on which coffee shop to try, there is usually one aspect that draws me to a location for a Saturday Stroll. For Pax & Beneficia, it was the fact that they serve Turkish Coffee. It is not an easy drink to make and it is also rare to find it in coffee shops, especially those in the DFW metroplex.

Before going to Pax & Beneficia I saw pictures of the interior and it seemed like a great place to go grab a coffee and relax. I was also taken with their philosophy which is based on three core principles being: Craftsmanship, Camaraderie, and Contribution.  These are critical values to a successful and inviting shop.

The Ambiance

Speaking of the interior, Pax & Beneficia creates a beautiful aesthetic of white and gold, even down to the La Marzocco espresso machine.  I truly admired their attention to detail. The glasses, mugs, and even the wooden board that food and drinks are served on are essential aspects to creating an inviting and warm atmosphere that enhances your coffee experience. They include Topo Chico with a lot of the drinks, showing that they want you to experience every flavor. The Turkish coffee even comes on a detailed plate that makes you feel like you are in a café in Istanbul.

The Drinks

During my visit, I was influenced by owner Mouyyad to try the coffee flight. This is a great coffee experience because the flavors are all intense, yet distinct and are a treat. I went with the cortado, cold brew, and Nitro cold brew. I was definitely caffeinated following this Saturday Stroll. It should be noted that the shop uses Merit Coffee roasters from San Antonio.

Cortado Saturday Stroll

The Intangibles

There are many different aspects of Pax & Beneficia that set it apart. First, the detail they bring to every drink is essential to creating a great experience. Each drink is cared for by the baristas as they respect the process that goes into its creation.  Overall, a shop would be irrelevant without great coffee drinks and an inviting atmosphere. At Pax & Beneficia, the coffee is amazing and definitely makes you think about when you are making your next visit.

Because I loved this coffee shop so much, I will be hosting my first coffee event here next Saturday, December 14th between 8-10am. I hope you can join me for a casual hangout over coffee and community.

The address is: 5244 N O’Connor Blvd #150, Irving, TX 75039

I would love to see all of you there!

Thank you for reading,



December 7, 2019

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