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Saturday Stroll featuring East Pole Coffee Co.

Anytime I visit a new city, coffee is always at the forefront of my itinerary. If the opportunity is right, my ideal trip consists of a coffee shop visit and a sports event. For my recent trip to Atlanta, both were in store. I generally do a good amount of research before I travel to see where good coffee shops are located. Luckily, East Pole Coffee Co. was in a very convenient location to where I was staying, thus making it was the first coffee shop I visited.

East Pole Coffee Co. Bar

The Ambiance 

Inside this spacious coffee shop, East Pole does a great job of separating the coffee production from the seating areas. I’m definitely a fan of this design, especially when the establishments have the roastery inside the shop. To me, it is on par with restaurants that have open kitchens that you can see.  It’s not the same as far as quality control is concerned, but from a start to finish perspective on the process of coffee, it is always intriguing to see where it starts.

The combination of wood and cement décor create an industrial ambiance that encourages a great work environment. Among the many young customers enjoying their drinks, a good amount appeared to be working on schoolwork and meeting with groups. If you’re trying to get a coffee or tea and get work done, I would definitely recommend East Pole Coffee.

The Drinks

At East Pole Coffee, they roast their own beans and it really makes for some amazing espresso. I had a cappuccino there and it was very smooth. I thought it was so good that I almost thought about getting another to go. Regardless of what drink you choose, you can almost guarantee that the quality at this shop will be premier.


The one aspect that I found to be unique about East Pole Coffee Co. was the simplicity of their shop. It can often happen that coffee shops get too carried away with production, however, what can make a coffee shop important is not just, but also the conversations. A coffee shop should be a friendly place that you can talk to a friend or get work done.  At East Pole, there are plenty of places to meet friends and ample seating options to get something done. Combine that with terrific, in-house roasted coffee and espresso, you will not be disappointed when you visit. 

Latte Art

Check out their site if you want to try some of their beans!

Thank you for reading!



September 29, 2019

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