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Saturday Stroll featuring Boomtown Coffee

Coffee shops can kind of be symbolic to where you live, and people generally take pride in the shops that are in their city. As a coffee lover, I take for granted that I’m near three amazing cities for coffee; Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.  While it is important to support the coffee ecosystem in your own neck of the woods, exploring other coffee shops in different cities is also important.

Centrally located in Dallas, it is easy to access most major cities in the state.  Houston, for example, is only a four-hour drive, so going for the weekend for a quick trip is feasible. One coffee shop that I had on my list for a long time in Houston was Boomtown Coffee. In general, I take the recommendations of other people as well as reviews into account to where I rank my list to try. Boomtown was definitely well received, so I had to make it a priority on a recent trip to Houston.

The Ambiance

In my opinion, you can tell a lot about a coffee shop, or any restaurant for that matter, if it is busy. From the second I stepped inside the shop, I line which began at the door. With almost every seat filled, indoor and out, you got the feeling that this coffee shop is fairly popular.

Each beautiful latte art drink that came from the bar also came in glasses and mugs. Lately, some of my trips new shops haven’t offered the traditional experience of a coffee house as a place to sit, talk, and share ideas.  Many places seem to be more focused on providing drinks in to-go cups even if you plan to stay. I understand why coffee shops do that, but it is nice to just take time to relax, have coffee, and talk or work.

The Drinks (and snacks):

There were so many delicious choices for specialty lattes, but I ended up deciding on what was called a “$5 Mocha”. This drink consisted of a quad shot espresso mocha. Sometimes mochas can be hit or miss in my opinion, but at Boomtown it was easily up there in the top rankings that I have tasted. I always appreciate coffee shops that have an extensive drink menu as well a great selection of teas, and Boomtown offers both.

More times than not, I tend to just get drinks at coffee shops with no food or snacks. I took a look around while waiting in line and a lot of people had macarons. They did not disappoint and were perfect with the $5 mocha.

The Intangibles

I think what separates Boomtown Coffee from other venues is that they care about your coffee experience. Everyone who worked there was very friendly and helpful in delivering a great ambiance. From the extensive menu to the great food and snacks, it is certainly a coffee shop in which you can spend a great deal of time. It is good to have variety in a coffee shop where you get a different experience each time and I feel that Boomtown offers that to its customers.

Boomtown Coffee Latte

Check out their site if you want to try some of their beans!

Thank you for reading!

– Todd


November 24, 2019

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