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Summer 2017 Essentials

Summer 17 Essentials

  1. Ray Ban Sunglasses – Summer would not be complete without sunglasses for that bright Texas heat. My go to brand for glasses in general is Ray Ban. I really like this style.
  2. Sperry’s – Shorts are a necessity during this hot time of the year. The perfect pairing for shorts is a good boat shoe, and I am a big fan of Sperry’s, especially the dark brown option.
  3. 1901 Print Shorts – With shorts most days of summer, you need variety. I like these floral shorts because it gives a different vibe than just a flat color.
  4. Banana Republic Shorts – Banana Republic shorts have to be my favorite brand to wear. They fit very well and have plenty of colors to choose from, so outfit pairing is easy.
  5. Rag & Bone Jeans – Just because it is hot outside does not mean jeans are totally ruled out. There are some nights where you have to wear a good pair of denim for a dinner. I think these Rag & Bone jeans have a great color to pair with a button down shirt or polo.
  6. Ted Baker Polo Shirt – To relay of the previous item, this polo would go perfectly with the Rag & Bone jeans in my opinion.
  7. 1901 Floral Print Shirt – I used to not be a fan of short sleeve button down shirts for whatever reason. Now, I am truly appreciative of wearing a button down while still being able to have the flexibility of short sleeves, especially while it is so hot.
  8. Minnesota Timberwolves Snapback – As a big fan of the NBA, I like good story lines for the league. For some time now I have been ready for Jimmy Butler to get traded. Now he gets to play with a young core and develop something in Minnesota. I also like the colors that the Timberwolves have so I will be getting a T-Wolves snapback hat.
  9. Nike Basketball Tee – I don’t really have a reason for adding this shirt to my list. I just love basketball and its a cool shirt!
  10. Nike Dry Training Shorts – I view myself as very active person, so having a good pair of shorts to play basketball and workout in is a must.
  11. Bose Soundsport Bluetooth Headphones – I currently have these headphones, but wanted to share them on the list with y’all. I am a big music person, so listening to music while working out is a must. In general, these are some of the best headphones I have ever used in general, especially working out. I really doubt you will be disappointed if you get them. They are truly amazing.
  12. Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse Shoes – With good shorts and good headphones, you just need good shoes. I really like the style of these shoes, and I love all things grey, so these are a go for me.

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