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Hi! My name is Liz and I am a vinyl spinning, excessive coffee drinking, Dallas born and raised Latina. I recently graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Speech/Language Pathology and Audiology with a Spanish minor thrown in there.

Talk about your first experience drinking coffee. Did you like/hate it the first time you tried it?

I was one of those Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino obsessed 14-year-olds. It wasn’t until I attended college that I began visiting local coffee shops to get some study/cram sessions in. Afraid to order a caramel-drenched macchiato, I tried what the kind barista had to offer and the rest is history. Many study sessions later,  I acquired a taste for coffee and didn’t just drink it for a caffeine fix.

Who is your favorite roaster? Which Roast?

This one is a tough one. I had the opportunity to attend Dallas Coffee Day last year and fell in love with West Oak CoffeeOak Cliff Coffee Roasters. I always go for OCCR: Rosemont Crest Signature Blend.

Favorite food/sweets to pair with your coffee?

An almond croissant from Village Baking Company.

What would your advice be to someone who doesn’t drink coffee currently who should?

I’d say to start with a lighter roast. Try a latte and pick a syrup. Visit a coffeeshop with a friend, if you don’t like your pick just swap the drinks when your friend isn’t looking. If all fails, just add a bunch of cream and sugar.

Favorite Drink?

I usually drink a latte with almond milk. However, in this Texas heat… I always go for a cold brew with a splash of coconut milk.

You can check out her Instagram @liizisa

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  1. Lana

    So glad there are a lot more coffee-addicts out there 🙂


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