#SaturdayStroll | Trio Coffee

Finding new coffee shops is always a fun thing for me. I especially enjoy the process when they are in areas that you do not typically visit; it is interesting to explore new areas. Today, I stopped at Trio Coffee in Flower Mound, Texas. 

First, let me begin by saying that Trio makes one delicious coffee drink. I would definitely recommend the cane sugar latte. Generally, when I go to coffee shops for the first time I go for something that isn’t a usual.  Delivering great coffee drinks is the most important thing, and these places know that. I think what makes most establishments stand out is the friendly environment and great customer service. When we ordered, we were warned of a 14 drink order ahead of us, which is unusual for any establishment to disclose.  Most will let you just wait until they get to your order so that they don’t lose the business.  But, the fact that we knew what to anticipate definitely points to Trio’s customer service. 

Although Flower Mound is a drive from the immediate Dallas area, I am definitely going to visit Trio Coffee again. They made it such an enjoyable experience and I would be crazy not to return soon.

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