#SaturdayStroll | Nerdvana

Anytime I visit a coffee shop I find that I get a little more enjoyment when it has some originality. There are so many shops in the area, it is tough for them to all be original; after a while there is only so much that can be done to make the visit extraordinary. That is why I appreciate what Nerdvana has created with their establishment of a Coffee Shop/Restaurant concept.

First,Β Nerdvana is great at what they do when it comes to Coffee drinks. I have been a few times now since these pictures were first taken and the lattes have been amazing each time. Although it is not pictured, I bought a toast to go with my coffee — I highly recommend getting one. Next door to the Coffee Shop is Nerdvana Restaurant which looks like a fun place to get a bite to eat

I think besides offering a great product, atmosphere is critical to keeping patrons coming back to your shop.Β  Since it is one of the larger coffee houses, it is constantly filled with a variety of guests doing everything from playing games to working. A visit to Nerdvana is truly worth the drive to downtown Frisco for a coffee. I cannot imagine anyone leaving disappointed

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