#SaturdayStroll | Mudsmith

It has been a while since I’ve shared a Saturday Stroll with you so I’m excited to be getting back to posting all the coffee shops that I’ve been visiting.

For those who have been around Dallas and driven through lower Greenville, Mudsmith is a fairly popular spot to get a coffee. While I don’t go often, I will admit, I do appreciate what Mudsmith has to offer.

I think it is always a great thing when Coffeeshops serve a dual purpose. Besides coffee, they also offer beer and food, so it is has a great appeal for anyone that visits. The one specific feature that separates Mudsmith from other establishments is its character. You won’t find many places that have a moose head on the wall near posters of the human digestive system.  Its eclectic style makes it a great place for conversation, as well as relaxation.

For anyone that has not visited Mudsmith, I definitely think it is worth the trip! I would recommend the “Mudslinger” or a regular vanilla latte when you go.

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