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Common GroundsCommon GroundsCommon Grounds Common Grounds

Common Grounds | Waco, Texas

If you have ever watched the show “Fixer Upper” on HGTV, you are probably familiar with the coffee shop Common Grounds. When I stopped in Waco to visit, could see why there was a lot of excitement and hype about this place. Inside, it feels like a house, but one with a lot of personality. Common Grounds is essentially on the Baylor University Campus, so you definitely get a college feel to the coffeeshop as opposed to a hipster feel you may get at other coffeeshops.


I think the two things that stood out to me when I went to Common Grounds were the atmosphere and the menu. I am truly a fan of coffee shops that have a number of places to sit and make it feel that each conversation you could have there feels like the only one in the building. The atmosphere creates a comfortability for the customer. I believe this to be a strong factor to what makes a coffee shop so great. You are likely to return if you feel good about your experience and I feel that Common Grounds truly understands this and makes it a priority.


The other aspect that I felt made Common Grounds such a great coffee shop was the extensive menu that they have. Sometimes when you go to a coffee shop, the menu either seems basic or redundant. I think its beneficial for a coffee shop to have a unique drink that keeps the customer coming back. They have what is called the Cowboy Menu, which is a collection of hot and iced drink, your iced favorites that include some non-coffee drinks, as well as your traditional drinks.

Two features of the menu that I found the most unique were the house specialities and what they call the “Sleep is Overrated” part of the menu, designed for your late night college students. The house specialties at Common Grounds include drinks such as the “Caramel Coffee Crunch,” which is a Latte with Caramel and Secret Sauce, and the Snickers. These drinks are as amazing as they sound.

I would highly recommend Common Grounds if you are either in Waco or are passing through on your way to Austin or Dallas. You really should try the Caramel Coffee Crunch or the No Bull.

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