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If I had to think back about how I found out about Stupid Good Coffee, I probably could not tell you. It was had to be on a list of DFW coffee shops, and then google from there. The reason I say this is because if you were not familiar with where it is, you would be surprised to find out.  Stupid Good Coffee is not in your typical location like the many of the other coffee shops. It is on the second floor of an office building located on Elm Street. In addition, they are not open on the weekend, so you will have to visit during the week.

What this shop lacks in size, it makes up with personality. The establishment is run by siblings, Covington and Victoria Doan, and they really focus on what is important, the coffee. When writing these posts, I have definitely stressed that coffee shops tend to get lost in creating an experience that distracts them from focusing on their main purpose; the coffee.  At Stupid Good Coffee, I had one of the most amazing lattes that I’ve had in Dallas, called “The Rolling Stones Latte.” I would definitely recommend it.

The part of my visit to this shop that stood out the most was their dedication to the customer- a rare feature in today’s hectic world.  Find some time one day to stop by Stupid Good Coffee. When you do, ask for the Rolling Stones Latte, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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