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Occasionally, I like to use my blog to reflect on issues that I find important.  As a grad student who works full-time, I am constantly facing demands and deadlines for work; both professionally and academically.  So, I thought I’d share a few issues regarding time management and organization I’ve tried to implement in my life to alleviate the stress of getting it all done.

Identifying the Issue

The best way to fix something you want to improve is to be truthful about the problem. Honesty about the issue, how it affects you, and why you need to fix it are critical to change and essential for growth.

Fixing the Issue

Talk can only go so far. Don’t be a person that just talks about fixing a problem, but one that implements a plan to fix the issue.

For me, prioritization is critical to accomplishing daily tasks. It is so easy to get lost in how much you have to get done.  In order to be successful at combating this issue, I rely on Calendars and Lists. My phone is the easiest way to manage this because it syncs with my computer, so I am always in tune with what I need to do.

This resolution can also have negatives as you don’t want to add more than you can accomplish and overwhelm yourself. Be realistic with what you know you can do in one day. Like many people, I tend to add 3 times the amount of what I can reasonably accomplish in one day; be realistic.


I hope that you find some benefit in this post. No one is perfect, but we can at least aim to be more successful each day! I would love to hear about issues you struggle with and how you combat them! Comment below what that is! I am also providing a link below for anyone that wants tips on phone calendar organization!

Thank you for reading!


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