#SaturdayStroll | The Perc Coffeehouse

Details are important. They make up everything. At Perc Coffeehouse, I think they are what make it an exceptional place to get coffee. Everything feels unique and representative as a tribute to Lewisville, as this coffee shop is located in the heart of downtown.

They are incredibly friendly here. When I had my order taken I was referred to as β€œfriend.” Each person that went after me had extensive conversations with the baristas. It truly felt as a place a lot of people love spending their Saturday afternoons at. It is great to see a coffeehouse that puts just as much importance to the phrase β€œpick-me-up” on picking people up as it does for the coffee they drink.

I feel that the positive mentality in here is contagious and I really cannot wait to go back. I think this coffee shop will become a place I frequent at least monthly.

Thank you for reading!


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