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Looking Ahead to 2018

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In the final two weeks of 2017, I am evaluating my accomplishments and setting goals for the new year.  One of the many objectives I set for myself last New Year’s was to read more.  And, looking back over the last twelve months, as a graduate student, I would definitely say I fulfilled this goal.

For the upcoming year, consistency and organization is at the top of my list for what I would like to be better at. It can be very easy to fall out of sorts with life and lose track of what is truly important. By being consistent and staying organized, I believe we can all achieve more productive and satisfying lives.

Over the last year, despite work and school schedules, I was also able to travel a bit.  If you follow my Instagram account, you should have seen my trip last month to San Francisco and New York earlier in the ear. The New York City posts are currently up on The Coffee Fella. Stayed tuned for the posts about my time in San Francisco.  I have many new adventures planned in 2018 I look forward to sharing with you.

I would love to hear about what New Year’s Resolutions you make at the end of each year. It is beneficial to look back to realize how many great things you did and what you should be thankful for. While reflecting, it can also be constructive to take an honest approach to what you can improve on. We cannot go back and fix things we have no control over, but we can learn from our mistakes and make better decisions going forward.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed loyal to this blog over the last year. I truly appreciate it and promise great content ahead so stay tuned!


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