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Hi my name is Lauren Wallace. I am originally from upstate NY but recently moved to Houston, TX to be with my fiancé. For the longest I worked as a fashion buyer and merchandiser for a local boutique in Syracuse, NY.  Now that I relocated, I am currently working at a home for at risk teenage boys. It’s amazing. On the side I do brand ambassador work for companies at large events. I also am a henna tattoo artist, I learned the art of henna after living in India for a year as an exchange student. I also work alongside some companies such as Fossil, doing promotional work on my social media.

Talk about your first experience drinking coffee. Did you like/hate it the first time you tried it?

I’ll never forget my first experience drinking coffee. I was about 10 at my grandmas house, we were sitting at her table when I decided to take her cup of coffee and start drinking it. She looked over at me and told me “Lauren! You’re to little to drink that, if you start drinking coffee now, you’ll never grow again”. I was so nervous after that, so I didn’t have any for the longest time. But I did love the taste. I didn’t really have another cup of coffee until my senior year of high school when I learned the true perks of caffeine. From there my taste buds expanded and grew, and now here I am searching the best cup of coffee.

Who is your favorite roaster? Which Roast?

Truthfully, I think one of my favorite roasters is Peaks Coffee Company. They are a micro – roasted based out of Cazenovia, NY.  I adore their Ethiopia roast. They are just such a wonderful group of people, creating great coffee.

Favorite food/sweets to pair with your coffee?

I’m not usually one to eat sweets, when I do, it’s a must that I’m craving it. When I have that desire for something sweet, I obviously eat it while sippin’ on a coffee. I’d say my favorite thing to have with my coffee is probably a crunchy cookie of some sort. I LOVE dipping my cookie into my coffee or chai tea. Like a shortbread cookie or something along those lines, so good.

What would your advice be to someone who doesn’t drink coffee currently who’s should?

My advice to the non caffeine consumers out there who are looking to get into the coffee scene probably would be to start slow and sweet. When I first started drinking I was a extra sugar and cream kind of gal. Now I’ll drink my coffee black or my lattes without flavor, and I prefer it that way. I would say start with sweet lattes and work your way in which ever direction you desire. It’s definitely an acquired taste if you’re drinking it plain. Also, don’t settle for gas station or diner coffee. Find yourself a good cafe and make it home for an hour. That’s one of my favorite parts about coffee and coffee shops. Being able to meet with people, talk, read, draw, stare out the window in a haze, and so much more. It just makes that cup of coffee a million times better.

Favorite Drink?

I don’t even know what my favorite drink is. I’d have to say there is something so wonderful about a regular cup of coffee in the morning, while curled up on my couch as I wake up. But I will gladly and excitedly take a cappuccino or latte in the afternoon as a pick me up.

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