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Happy Fourth of July Weekend Everyone!

This summer is flying by! And, typical of Texas, it is becoming unbearably hot outside!ย  So, now that we are truly in the middle of summer, I wanted to give some updates to The Coffee Fella of what you can expect in July!

From previous posts, you have probably figured out that I am a big sports fan. During the summer time, though, it really slows down as there are not too many exciting sports to watch; especially in July. Luckily, NBA Free agency has been keeping everyone entertained. It has probably been more exciting than the playoffs were. So, during this sports down-time, I try to keep myself occupied with reading and various hobbies. There will be a new July Booklist out soon!

In addition to sports, music is a pretty big passion of mine. In the coming weeks, I will be introducing this new feature to The Coffee Fella! If you follow The Coffee Fella Instagram, it is likely you have seen a story of myself at a concert or two. Going to concerts is definitely a favorite hobby, so sharing this experience is only right.

With regard to music, I am a big fan of the new Jay Z album.ย  With no response to the successful Lemonade album last year, it was intriguing to know what he was thinking. Well, we finally receivedย the answer with this new album. I would definitely recommend giving 4:44 a listen!

I hope you all are enjoying the series on my favorite museums in DFW. Keep watch for my next new series for DFW that you all will enjoy!

Thank you for reading!



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