The First Friday of June


Polo: Slim Luxury-Touch Birdseye Polo

Shorts: Aiden Slim Luxe Stretch Short Shoes

Shoes: Wahoo CVO Baja Sneaker

I find the first Friday of June to be special each year. Maybe “special” isn’t the best use of the word, but this day stands out to me in comparison to other Fridays during the year. Usually it is following the start of the NBA Finals, which are a big deal to me, and it signals the beginning of that sense of freedom the summer months represent.  It is also around this time of year that I put extra focus on accomplishing the goals I set for myself on New Year’s Day.  June is definitely my “take stock” time, as well as the period where I recharge my batteries and make sure I’m on target for the rest of the year.

This summer I’m especially conscious of not sweating the small stuff and remembering what is important because I recently lost a friend at work to cancer.  It has been especially difficult on everyone because it was unexpected and we never had a chance to visit or say goodbye.  Each time something like this happens it reminds me that life is precious and none of us has time to waste on things that don’t make us better or keep us positive. I feel like the events you go through in life shape you and send you on the path toward your goals. I realize this more and more each year. 2017, so far, has definitely had its fair share of lessons and I am using them to change my own approach to living life.  I’m careful not to take things for granted, and really concentrating on making a difference!

For this outfit, I am wearing Banana Republic shorts and I truly prefer these over most other brands of men’s shorts. In my opinion, the entire outfit fits me better compared to manufacturers. I’m sure you will see more summer Banana outfits in future blog posts this summer.

If you are an NBA fan I would love to see your comment below on who you think/want to win this year? I am going for Cleveland!

Thank you for reading!


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