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The big picture is often overlooked. Taking each day as it comes can be a difficult task. Life can get so busy and hectic that we sometimes get caught up in how much is going on, instead of focusing on the aspects of one single day.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about everything that’s going on in the world. I eluded to this in my post last week, but sometimes as a whole, we are not gracious for just each day. If you have paid attention to the news from this past weekend, a tragedy occurred at a party in the city of Plano, Texas where I live. I’ll be including a link to the article at the bottom if you are not familiar with what happened.

I tend to avoid reading or writing blog posts that are too preachy, I apologize if this does that. Having known someone that was there, I was hit with even more appreciation of how life can change in a minute. Nothing is guaranteed which is why it really bothers me when I see people get caught up in the minutia. It is human nature to worry about the little things, but we have to think of the big picture and push those feelings to the distance.

Reading about the news this weekend, the hurricane damage in Florida, as well as the issues in Houston still going on, it seems like there is a heavy news topic to take in almost daily. This is why I think now, more than ever, doing as meaningful things as you can in one day, and being a good person is essential.

Positive Note

I am not a negative person, so it is necessary to at least leave one positive topic on this post. As I’ve said in prior posts, I love fall. I enjoy everything about it. The food, lattes, and weather are just better, not to mention the return of basketball and football, and my birthday.

To me, fall is the most positive season. There are so many good things going on; fall time just has a calming aspect to it.

I would love to hear why you like the Fall? Is it the food, the weather, the clothes? Maybe you love football season? Comment below!



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  1. Pamela

    Totally agree! We need to take a step back sometimes and appreciate everything around us. And… I hate football season.. my boyfriend literally disappears lol


  2. Andrew

    Hey this is great stuff!


  3. Nancy

    With all the bad news lately I think it’s important to appreciate the little things!
    And fall is my favorite season!! I love the cool crisp air, the clothes, everything about it makes me happy!


  4. Diana Huntley

    I like how the leaves change colour and it’s a season of letting go with the old so we have space for the new!



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