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School is starting back up again. I am currently a graduate student at UT Dallas, so having the “essentials” for class is very important to me. I put a lot of time into my classes, so being fully equipped helps me succeed. Here are a few items that are essential to me and I believe everyone can use!

  1. Northface Recon Backpack– There are many essential items needed for class, but I cannot think of anything more important than a backpack. I have had this Northface backpack for a couple of years now and I love it. It has many compartments and handles the weight very well.
  2. Columbia Men’s Canyons Bend Full Zip Fleece Jacket– You never know when the room your class is in decides to become a freezer. This jacket also has a hood and walking in the rain is terrible, so at least that should help.
  3. Hydro Flask– 24 oz Standard Mouth- I have a few Hydro Flasks, but this one is the most useful to bring with me wherever I go. Based on the fact that you could sit in a class for 3 hours at a time, keeping your water at a cool temp is key.
  4. Beats Solo 3 Wireless– I am not sure how the walk is for other people, but from the car to the classroom, I can definitely get a few songs in. With the wireless headphones, you don’t have to worry about any cord getting caught and the new solo 3 headphones pair with your device easily.
  5. Apple Watch 2- I used to think there was not really a need for Apple Watches. That was until I got one a month ago. I would definitely say that having an Apple Watch is useful when in class and you can keep up with a conversation without having to pull your phone out.
  6. Contigo SNAPSEALβ„’ Superior- Keeping your water cold is important, but keeping your coffee hot may be more important. I like this version of the Contigo mugs because of the handle.

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