32 Essential Fall Items

32 Essential Fall Items

Fall Time

Here are my 32 essential fall items. I wanted to put a good amount of variety with this list. The Fall season gives a great deal of flexibility for what you can wear. This is hands down my favorite season because it is not hot anymore, but also does not have the chilling temperatures winter has.

A Jacket Helps

There are so many aspects of Fall that I love. When it comes to what I wear, the ability to stay comfortable with just a jacket is key for me. I would love to hear what one item that is your go to for fall! Please comment below the piece that makes the season more enjoyable for you.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for new posts coming to TheCoffeeFella.com. A few that are coming soon are Parts 4 & 5 of my favorite DFW Museums, as well as my October book list. I enjoy reading no matter what time of year it is, but reading in the fall is truly more enjoyable to me.

Also, please head over to my Pinterest for some great Fall inspiration.

Thank you for reading!



  1. steve walters

    I love this season! Hoodies and ball caps. I wearing them now with my coffee sitting in front of me. God, I love being able to wear hoodies again.


  2. Sandra Watson

    I love fall even more now after reading your article!


  3. Caswy

    Jackets are an absolute must, but I think a cozy and practical pair of boots is high on my necessities list too!


  4. Jenn

    I love all the layering options. Falls the perfect time to do it!


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