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Hey there, my is Liz Watson. Born and raised in LA, and now currently located in Philadelphia. I went to UCLA for undergrad where I studied neuroscience, and then took two years off before going to Jefferson in Philadelphia for medical school. I’m currently a third year medical student, and deciding which speciality is the right fit for me. I would love to end up back in California, but we’ll see where the match takes me.

Talk about your first experience drinking coffee. Did you like/hate it the first time you tried it?

I actually started drinking coffee really early – like 15. I was an athlete in high school and had to be at practice at 5AM so I picked up the habit pretty early on. Black coffee was way to strong for me at that age so I opted for super sweet lattes that were flavored.

Who is your favorite roaster? Which Roast?

Absolute favorite hands down is blue bottle coffee. Any of the roasts are magical, but if I had to pick I’d go with Three Africas.

Favorite food/sweets to pair with your coffee?

Love chocolate chip banana bread. Whenever I spot a place that sells it I have to indulge.

What would your advice be to someone who doesn’t drink coffee currently who’s should?

Coffee can be pretty acidic. If you’re a novice coffee drinker try adding a good amount of milk or cream to prevent heartburn.

Favorite Drink?

Had a lavender latte on my last vacation. Simply amazing.

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