#SaturdayStroll | White Rock Coffee

If you have ever stopped by Central Market or any local Dallas grocery store, you may have seen bags of White Rock Coffee. I’ve always seen the product on store shelves, but didn’t know there was an actual coffee shop until I stumbled upon their website.

I think what I liked about this particular place is that it had something that appeals to everyone.  In addition to coffee, the shop also serves food, including bread loaves which I have on good authority are really good.  White Rock Coffee is more than just a shop, it is truly a “Coffee Store,” and has some of the best mugs I’ve ever seen! It was tough for me not to buy the entire shelf.

Another thing I found really interesting about this place was that they sell “Unroasted” beans. I have not typically seen that in coffee shops.  Although most people don’t own roasters, if you do, White Rock is the place for you to stop.

White Rock Coffee is a great place to enjoy a good latte, a bite to eat, live music, and a little shopping. The next time I stop at Central Market, I will be buying their beans! When you go to this shop for a coffee, I recommend the “White Rocker” which is a latte with caramel and white chocolate, who could say no to that!

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