#SaturdayStroll | Edison Coffee Co.

I originally found about Edison Coffee when scrolling through Instagram and immediately I could tell that this was a place people loved. Β But observing it through social media and experiencing the real thing in person are two different things, and that is exactly what I found out. If I thought it looked awesome through pictures, having a coffee there took that feeling to another level.

On their website, Edison Coffee defines their coffee mantra as, “Coffee, Ideas, People.” I think they understand that drinking coffee drinks is more than just the drink, its about who you drink with and the conversations that derive from them. Being authentic is important to them, as it should be.

I believe that I have narrowed down what makes Edison Coffee special and it is the based on the feeling of the coffee shop being homey. Inside, there is a clean aesthetic, coffee designs on the menu, and coffee “art” on the walls. The place is spaced out. What I mean by this is that it is very open.Β When I started looking around, everyone was in their own zone, which I have always felt is an important feature for a coffeeshop to have. I suppose the feeling is created by the high ceilings or collection of eclectic furniture inside.

You want people to feel like they are at home, except here, they can get their favorite coffee drink. Edison cares about their customers. It is apparent that they do when you order, get your drink, or even as one person did, ask for the WIFI code. While this coffee shop is not close to me at all, I would be willing to make the drive out here again as it was truly one great coffee shop.

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