What’s in my bag?

I decided I wanted to do a “What’s in my bag” blog post because I’ve always enjoyed reading others. Your bag is something that is personal to you and each item that is in it has some meaning. I wanted to just share a few things that I bring with me everyday.

1. Apple Macbook Pro: Now, this could change in a few days when the Apple Keynote takes place, but more than likely I am going to hold on to the MacBook Pro that I own. Even though I don’t use it during my workday, I like to have it just in case I get free time, or if I bring my lunch with me. I also bring it with me in the event I go somewhere after work.

2. Kindle Paperwhite: I bought this last year right before my birthday and I love it. I had some days off around the holidays last year so I just relaxed and read every chance I could. Even though I have an iPad, I still use this for all of my reading. One of its best features is a none glare screen which is much easier on the eyes.

3. Camelbak 1 Liter Waterbottle: I always make sure to have this on me. I like having the liter size because it makes for less refill trips. Also, Camelbak’s are easy waterbottles to clean and use.

4. Altoids: I think the reasons for having these are self-explanatory; they are easy to carry around in my bag and the flavor stays as opposed to gum getting flat.Β 

5. Bose SoundTrue Headphones, Around Ear: I think there is a newer model than the ones I purchased in 2014, but these are still great. I am actually surprised they still work because sometimes, if I am in a rush to leave I will just throw them in my bag. I am generally not this rough with stuff I have but for some reason I expect my headphones of all things to be durable, so I am glad these are.

6. Ray Ban Original Classic Wayfarer, Polarized: At the time I purchased these, I really thought I was making a stupid purchase. My thinking was “I cant believe I just spent 200+ on sunglasses…” Despite the purchase price though, I have never needed another pair of sunglasses. I have taken these everywhere! From airports to class to music festivals, they have never failed me. So I think out of all the crazy purchases I have made throughout the years, this was truly one of the best.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I have in my bag everyday!


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